Highway Construction Training

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1 Introduction of Layers

2 Surveying Components Used in Highway

3 Chainage Point Marking

4 Levelling by AutoLevel & its calculation in Excel

5 GPS Cordinates

6 Camber & its Calculation

7 Centerline Marking by Total Station

8 Highway Estimation

9 Retaining Wall

10 Drain Line

11 BOQ

12 Mix Design of Granular Sub - Base

13 Mix Design of Wet Mixed Macadam

14 Sub Grade & Eartwork

15 Dense Bituminous Macadm

16 Bituminous Concrete

17 Quantity Survey

18 MORTH Specification (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway)

19 Billing As per BOQ Mode

20 Billing As per EPC Mode Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

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