Lumion Pro

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Lumion Pro:

Lumion 3d is the Best and Easy Architecture Rendering and Easy 3D Animation Software.

Lumion 3d is the best 3d realistic landscape Modeling Software.

Step by Step in these videos, you'll learn that:

  • how to import 3d model in a lumion,
  • how to use customize 3d objects in a lumion,
  • how to use the material in 3d lumion,
  • how to copy material,
  • how to paste material,
  • how to reload material in lumion.

You can easily build a 3d project in 3d lumion after you build the project; go to rendering Photo render Video with 4k Resolution in Lumion.
You can also make 3d animation in Lumion like Vehicle animation, People animation, and You can easily animate any 3d object in 3d Lumion.

(3d Lumion is a lot of versions like Lumion 2.5 Lumion 3 Lumion 4 and Lumion 4.5 Lumion 5 and Lumion 6 Lumion 6.5 these Lumion versions are very old Lumion 7 and Lumion 8 is best But Lumion 9 Lumion 9.5 but Now in 2021 Lumion 10 & Lumion 11 is a lot of new features.

I make this Lumion course with an easy method. You were easy to learn 3d Lumion.

This course is designed as Beginners To Advance Level.

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