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    CONTRACT AND TENDERING course will develop an idea about construction contracts according to the scope of work. In this course you will know about following important things:

  • How an agreement converted to contractual agreement.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a contract engineer or procurement engineer?
  • What are the different stages involved in tendering process?
  • Types of contracts.
  • Types of tenders.
  • Drafting of agreement and work order.
  •  Tender fiscal aspect.
  •  Price bid comparative.
  •  Pre-qualification of contractors.
  •  Important clauses of construction contracts etc.

Contract and tendering develop your own business ideas about construction fields i.e., as a contractor. How a contractor get contract by filling tender form step by step. through NIT ,TENDER DOCUMENTS, CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT, LETTER OF INTENT, WORK ORDER, LETTER OF AWARDS, GENERAL CONDITION OF CONTRACTS &SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTS  ETC  and details about more important clauses used in construction contract that is mobilization advance and its recovery process , what is secured amount, what is defect liability period, what is earnest money deposit, process  of retention money, what is liquidated damage, what is CAR POLICY, change order clause, extra item & substitute clause, RA bills , water and electricity  clause etc. what is virtual completion certificate and what is successful completion certificate ?.

"SCOPES" – Contract & Tendering accelerates you to contribute as a Procurement Engineer, Builder & Contractor & also value added to Construction work business which results in Confidence to the next level & many successful career ways in Civil Engineering.

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