Quantity Survey & Rate Analysis advance

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Quantity survey and rate analysis is advance course for quantity surveyor and it helps in almost every aspect of pre-execution work. This course has 100+ excel sheet with advance design which is easy to use and will provide you better work experience on your work field. This course will help you to:

  • Learn how to become a quantity surveyor
  • Understand the main point on rate analysis
  • Excel for fast calculation and report generation
  • Know the different types of material
  • Rate analysis of material
  • Rate analysis of labour
  • Rate analysis of equipment’s
  • Know all the tax on rate analysis

"SCOPES" – Quantity Survey & Rate Analysis accelerates you to contribute as an QS & QA Engineer, Estimator, Site Engineer & also value added to Site Execution work, Billing work, Valuation work & Tendering work which results in Confidence to the next level & many successful career ways in Civil Engineering.

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