Professional AutoCAD

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Welcome to the endless world of Civil Engineers!

CIVIL ENGINEER as a profession gives you the power of creator!! Many congratulations to you for becoming the creator of "An art to part". We live in the world of fascinating products that go through frequent changes and upgrades....

  • Well one of the greatest changes in the history of mankind is the Research of CAD i: e, COMPUTER AIDED DESIGNING/DRAFTING/DESIGNING TECHNOLOGY.
  • For example, AutoCAD is the well-known Software for drawing, drafting & designing, which is mostly applicable in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • With the help of AutoCAD, we can save time, increase productivity, easy storage, maintain standard, accurate work.
  • AutoCAD is compulsory in Government Organisation especially with the PWD'S, NAGAR NIGAM & TOWN & COUNTRY PLANNING DEPARTMENT.
  • AutoCAD can make 2D as well as 3D Drawings, but it is mostly used for the 2d drafting purpose, 3d as compared to other software provides less quality.
  • Corporate AutoCAD Covers not only the AutoCAD Software part but also it covers the most essential parts are as follows:
  • Architectural Designing & Planning with bye laws.
  • Architectural Designing & Planning with Vastu.
  • Complete Submission Drawings which include, Plan, Elevation, Section, Site Plan, Location Plan, Septic Tank, Rain water harvesting,
  • Area Statement- Built up area, Super built up area, F.A.R, Ground Coverage etc.
  • It also includes the other parts such as Working Drawings-
  1. Excavation Plan.
  2. Centreline Plan.
  3. Plinth beam Plan.
  4. Slab beam plan.
  5. Electrical layout Plan.
  6. Plumbing layout Plan.
  7. Beam cross sectional details.
  8. Column cross sectional details.
  9. Footing cross sectional details.
  10. Slab cross section details etc.

"SCOPES" - AutoCAD Software with Civil Drawings accelerates you to contribute as a AutoCAD Engineer, Draughtsman, Designer, Architectural Engineer & Many other professionals in the Civil Industry, which enhance your skills for career growth.

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